The Kingdom of Heaven is Within YouThe Kingdom of heaven “does not come visibly … it is within you.”

If it’s within me then what is the point of looking for heaven with my senses?

Should I look inside the physical body; no one has ever cut the body open and found the kingdom.

In my mind? Not only is it the mind that’s doing the looking — if I were to lose my mind, go crazy, the kingdom would remain exactly the same. So “within you” cannot mean within my mind or your mind. The mind is just a tool (I hope you don’t mind.)

“Heaven within you” cannot even mean “in my life:” I could lose my life and the kingdom would be totally unaffected.

So who is this “I” that “I” should look within?
There are many different right answers to this question in words, but the real answer is a direct experience. In that experience the kingdom is found, here and now. Jesus is a door to that experience.

In contemplating Jesus you get the the knowledge of who he really is. This is how it works: Jesus is loaded up with so many paradoxes that trying to understand him overloads the mind and makes it stop working. What you’re left with is who he is now — and the world as it is now. Along with that knowledge comes the knowledge of who you really are. This is the power of Jesus’ name.

raindrop withinTune in next week for some things people do that prevent them from seeing the kingdom. (I’m not going to recommend a new and better self-improvement project.)

Meanwhile, repent of your old approach and look for the kingdom of heaven within you, Now.

What do you say?