The Extraordinary Structure of Spirit of Fire

Spirit of Fire is written in traditional rhyming verse (quatrains in iambic tetrameter, rhyme abcb).
The traditional layout (four-line verses) emphasizes rhyme and meter over meaning, so we laid it out the way it should be read, in paragraphs. (The traditional layout may be found here [link coming].)

The structure is based on the numbers four and sixty-four:

Four beats per line
Four lines per verse
Four verses per page
Four books

Book I, 4x4x4x4 = 256 verses
Book II, 4x4x4 = 64 verses
Book III, 4x4 = 16 verses
Book IV, 4 verses

Book I, sixty-four pages
Book II, sixty-four verses
Book III, sixty-four lines
Book IV, sixty-four beats (four beats per line, sixteen lines)
This is much easier to see in the traditional layout [link coming]

In addition, the sixteen verses of Book III may be read in a number of different sequences.[Link…]

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