Book I

Our inner dialog controls
the way our outer life unfolds.
When we speak the word of God
(instead of stories we’ve been told)
Genesis 1:26, Luke 6:45
1 Peter 4:11, John 12:50
John 5:43
his kingdom comes to earth through us.
In the presence of the King,
the Spirit of the Sovereign Lord,
you live above created things.
Mat 6:10, John 7:38 Word search “kingdom of heaven”
2 Corinthians 3:18
Ephesians 2:6-7, Psalm 8:4-5, 23:5
Psalm 91:14
The Spirit comes in Jesus’ name.
He burns away our shame and fear
with love and joy beyond all thought.
He opens up our hearts to hear
Luke 11:13, John 14:26, 16:23
1 John 4:18,
John 13:1, John 15:11, Nehemiah 8:10,
2 Peter 1:19
the Word of God — the voice of him
who was and is and is to come —
and see this whole creation
as the kingdom of the Changeless One.
Romans 10:17, Exodus 15:26,
Revelation 4:8, Deuteronomy 30:20,
Jeremiah 10:12-16, Psalm 146:5-6
1 Chronicles 29:11, Psalm 24:1, Jeremiah 23:24

Book I is the essence of Spirit of Fire in four verses, written last.
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Spirit of Fire is based on insights that came while meditating on the truth behind the words of scripture. This makes it a useful portal for deep study of the Bible.
References are provided for looking more deeply into a truth or for looking at a similar truth from a different angle, not to support a point. (This is the advanced class. In some cases you may have to do some serious thinking to see how the references relate to the text.)

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(Questions in parentheses may not be answered but are worth pondering.)

Who or what determines my destiny?
How does he/she/it control my destiny?