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You finally get to meet Oprah. What do you do? You shake her hand and get her autograph — of course.

I imagined myself finally meeting Jesus and then walking away with nothing but his autograph. At first I thought, “How shallow.” Then I got to thinking a little more about it. Seriously … what would happen if I asked Jesus for his autograph?

Jesus Gave Them What They Asked For

In the account in the book of John, two young guys were trailing Jesus. He turned and asked,

“What do you want?”
“Master, we want to know where you live.”
[See? Not much more than asking for his autograph.]
“Come and you’ll see.”

So Jesus showed them the house where he was staying and spent the rest of the day with them.

At the end of the day those two young fellows thought that Jesus had given them what they asked for and more, and of course he had. But that’s not where the story ends. What really happened is, Jesus got something to work with. I can see him looking at them thinking,
“Hmm. So you want to see where I live …”

From then on, whenever they were with Jesus he would have used every opportunity to help them see where he really lives. “Father, I want those you’ve given me to be with me where I am and to see my glory…”

Jesus isn’t walking around in the flesh much today, and if he were, you and I probably couldn’t get near him physically. Fortunately we can know this same Jesus today by the power of his name:

Jesus’ name sets us apart
from the cravings of the flesh
to live with Jesus, free from fear
beyond the reach of sin and death

to minister as kings and priests
in his presence, night and day
that we, reflecting heaven’s light
may put his splendor on display.

                — SOF IV-33b,c

Get Him To Sign It!

So what would happen if you were to ask Jesus for his autograph? He’d probably go ahead and sign your Bible, even your program. But just as with the two young guys he’d also take on the more interesting challenge of getting you into position to see his signature on every atom, every form, every universe he creates.

Here he is. He turns, looks you in the eye and asks,

“What do you want?”