Blog 7 featured image DSC_0347In the debate about free will vs. God’s will it’s very rare for anyone to seriously consider that both might be true.

God said, “Light be,” (Big Bang) and the universe sprang into being:

Creations rise upon a word
spoken from infinity.

Every thing and every event in creation can be traced in a straight line back to that moment. So obviously everything can only happen one way: the way it’s happening. Case closed.

On the other hand,

Our words determine what we see;
our hearts determine what we say.
The world we see is nothing more
than what we treasure on display.
Case closed.

Both are completely true. It depends on how I look at it.
If I look at it the “God’s will” way, I am strictly the witness of creation. I have no choice — and no responsibility for the outcome. God is doing it all.
As soon as I even think of doing something I become a player in the drama; now I have free will. Everything is unfolding according to my internal dialogue, which is an expression of what’s in my heart, which in turn is an expression of my intent. Change my words and my life changes.

Free will or God’s will, either way there’s no problem. The problem comes when we mix up the points of view.

If I shout at you, “Everything is unfolding according to God’s will!” I prove — on the spot — that I don’t believe what I’m saying. After all, if I truly believe that everything is unfolding according to God’s will, whatever you believe is what God wants you to believe and that’s that. What’s it to me what God wants you to believe?

On the other hand, if I shout at you, “By your words you’re justified and by your words you are condemned!” I also prove — on the spot — that I don’t believe what I’m saying. You are the absolute master of your destiny. If this is how you choose to live, what’s it to me?

So let’s just tell the truth (which? take your pick) in a relaxed way. Those who are going to get it will get it — or begin asking questions.

And the rest? Well, I guess we’ll just have to find something fun to do while we wait for them to ask.

Spirit of Fire news:
Whew! Book making videos mostly done, now need to be edited … Our launch is less than two weeks away! The video and the homepage for the Kickstarter are done; all we need are our backer rewards descriptions and a little video footage.