There are millions of people who will tell you that if you don’t believe in Jesus you’ll go to hell after you die.

There are very few who will tell you that Jesus is anointed to bust you out of whatever hell you’re in now.

Jesus & the Easter Bunny

Jesus and the Easter Bunny
“I believe in the Easter Bunny” means “I believe there is a rabbit who goes around distributing eggs to all the little children once a year.”

“I believe in Jesus” means “I believe there is a man who is anointed to deliver me from any hell I might end up in, no matter who or what put me there.”

For Adults Only
The only difference is — now cover your children’s ears — the Easter Bunny is fantasy. He may bring good cheer to the little children, but he doesn’t distribute eggs.

By contrast, Jesus is alive, present, and ready to distribute his anointing, now. (“Christ” means Anointed.”)  Jesus is anointed to get us out of poverty, bind up our broken hearts, set the captives free, restore sight to the blind, release the oppressed and reveal the favor of God. (Luke 4:18-20) Jesus is anointed to bind up your broken heart and bust you out of any prison, now.

How Do I Get Jesus To Work In My Life?
One of the main distinguishing marks of real spiritual life is a desire for perfection, purity, sinlessness. The Spirit makes you aware of what has to change.

There are two main approaches to effecting the change:

1. You forget about God and go to work trying to fix yourself and/or your circumstances in order to make yourself feel more worthy (or at least look better than your neighbors.) 
2. You see the bad habit or affliction, say, “OK” and let the Spirit do the work.

The main difference between the two approaches: 
The first never works. 
The second never fails.

Self Improvement
In the long run, self-improvement has never worked for me or for anyone I know. With ordinary human self-improvement you invariably end up going back to the old situation — or trading one bad or crazy situation for another.

intense effortI consider myself one of the world’s foremost experts on this subject. I put as much effort into fixing myself as I could without physically killing myself with the exertion. Not only that, but I continued to try to fix myself, out of force of habit, long, long after I knew better (I still fall into it from time to time). All I have to show for all my blood, sweat and tears is a forty-year unbroken record of failure. (I’ve also had tremendous successes, but they came from the Spirit through desire and vision, not from white-knuckle self-improvement.)

Letting the Spirit do the work
When you become aware of the change that has to happen, the first thing to do is to accept to the fault or problem as it is. Don’t change the words of the old familiar song, “Amazing Grace,” from “a wretch like me” to “a soul like me.” See what a pathetic and miserable loser you are, smell it, hear it, taste it. The key is to accept it — not as a prison sentence but as something subject to change. Why?

Everything is subject to change. When you accept things as they are, you see them as they are: subject to change.
You also notice their their Creator and Owner.

Everything is subject to change. nova explosion
Change is subject to death. 
Death is subject to Jesus.
Jesus lives in you. 

The Hard Part.
Now comes the hard part. Instead of putting energy into changing your behavior, invest in being conscious of what you are doing.

I had a friend who just couldn’t push himself away from the table. He said to me once, “Sometimes you look at a piece of cake on the plate and then you look again and it’s gone.” (He’s not the only one.)

This statement really struck me. I thought about it for a long time, and then the light came on:

The problem is not overeating. The problem is ignorance — pronounced “ignore-ance.”

If the problem is overeating, the solution is to quit eating so much.
If the problem is “ignore-ance,” the solution is to be conscious of what I’m doing.

The difference in approach is massive — and so is the outcome.

Trying to fix behavior is a lose-lose situation. If I try to quit eating so much I’ll become obsessed or crabby or get into sex or workaholism. If I simply yield to the temptation I get tired, sick, fat, lazy and suffer all the other consequences of overeating.
Being conscious has no negative side-effects.

Being Conscious is Not Enough.

IMG0549_2Just being conscious is a very good start but it’s not enough. We need the juice of the presence of God, the awareness of Infinity. The nectar of his presence. We need to get off the worldly level and work in a different dimension. Then it’s all fun. You don’t care what happens in this world. You know you are going to overcome — simply because in him, in his presence, you have already overcome.

Thinking about Jesus puts you in this awareness — in “the Spirit whom the Father will send in my name.” Start now.

If nothing comes to mind, try Luke 4:18-20.
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