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“Christ” and “Messiah” both mean “Anointed” in English.

People are anointed to perform an office, to discharge a sacred trust. In ancient Israel people were anointed to act as king or as priest. More recently, when the Archbishop of Canterbury anointed Elizabeth queen of England she changed into a simple white dress because she wanted to keep her fancy clothes from being ruined by all the oil he was going to pour over her.

Jesus is anointed by God as both king and priest — on the ultimate level.

What Was Jesus Anointed To Do?
We don’t have to debate the subject. He told us himself:

The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me.
The Lord has anointed me
to preach good news to the poor;
he has sent me to proclaim
freedom for the captives,
recovery of sight for the blind
and release for the oppressed:
To proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.
— Luke 4:18-19

Jesus is known as “Jesus the Anointed” — like “Henry the Navigator” or “William the Conqueror. People are still navigating and conquering today, but Henry and William are still known as THE Navigator and THE Conqueror.

Likewise, thousands of people are anointed, but Jesus is still known as THE Anointed.

What does it mean to be Anointed?
One of the best examples of the anointing I ever saw was in the late Bob Bradbury, a former commercial fisherman from Wakefield, Rhode Island.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

One day Bob was walking down a wide hallway. A lady was sitting off to the side in a wheelchair; her whole body was twisted up from some horrible disease. On his way by Bob waved his arm and said, “Touch her, Jesus,” and kept going. Hearing a big commotion behind him he turned to watch this lady slowly untwisting, getting up out of the chair and finally walking around praising God.

Bob once laid his hands softly on my head in the name of Jesus and I was lifted off the ground at least a foot and thrown back through the air seven (I checked it with eye-witnesses). I never felt the landing. I lay there soaking it up for a time and then got up refreshed.

You might say, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” These seven words are your ironclad guarantee that stuff like this will never happen to you.

Some believe it could happen. A few believe it could happen to them. Very few are willing to do what it takes to receive and walk in Jesus’ anointing: Get Jesus into your mouth and heart.

Jesus is as Jesus was
and his anointing is the same.
Jesus Christ is known today
by the power of his name.

No force of hell can stand against
the power of his ministry.
Jesus in your mouth and heart
ends the Devil’s tyranny.

Knowing Jesus vs. knowing Jesus the Anointed.
It’s great to know Jesus personally. If you do, you don’t have to believe God is real — you know it. Essential.

But for many, it’s a lot like like being the personal friend of Dr. William Mayo (of Mayo Clinic fame). You may call him “Billy” and enjoy afternoon tea with him every day, but if you don’t accept him as doctor and undergo treatment he will never cure you.

Same with Jesus.

Jesus’ treatment is the Anointing.

To get the full treatment, get convinced of Jesus’ capabilities. Hear the stories, imagine the healings happening to you, imagine hearing him speak. (I heard Jesus preach in a dream once. His full-throttle delivery makes the wildest full gospel evangelist sound like a half-dead college professor.)
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Jesus Has a Big Problem
Today, millions know Jesus but do not know what he is anointed, ready and able to do for them — in this world — today.

Jesus has no problem binding up broken hearts, setting captives free and healing anyone of anything. His problem is that almost no one believes he can deliver the goods. Among his many friends (22,000,000 “likes” on just one of his many Facebook sites), few understand his — or if they do, they don’t believe it’s for them, now.

He’s had this problem for a long time. In his hometown of Nazareth, where practically everyone knew him, “he could do no mighty works because of their lack of faith.”

Faith is not the private province of a favored few who have the lucky ticket. “God has dealt to everyone the measure of faith.” With faith, nothing is impossible. But this brings us to another subject.

Tune in next week when I delve into the little-understood subject of faith — what it is and how to develop it.