III.1 The Word
The words we speak decide our fate
and dictate what we see and hear.
Those in bondage think and speak
about the things they want or fear.
Mat 12:34-37, Lk 6:45, Jas 3:4-5
Examples of being in bondage: Job 3:25, Mk 6:26, Mat 23:5, 14:30, 27:24-26
Jesus is the Word of God,
born with man’s authority,
anointed with the oil of joy,
and sent to set the captives free.
Jn 1:1, 14, Rev 19:13,
Genesis 1:26 (man’s authority), Gal 4:4
Heb 1:9/Ps 45:7, Lk 4:18-21/Is 61:1-9, Lk 3:21-4:21
Is 61:1, Ac 10:38, Mat 8:3, Lk 4:18,36, 1Jn 3:8

He finished what he came to do,
left his name, and went away.
The Spirit comes in Jesus’ name
and does his work in us today.
Jn 4:34, 5:36, 19:30
Jn 17:6-26, 16:7
Jn 14:26
Jn 16:15, 17:18, Mat 28:18-20, John 14:12
No one knows when he’ll return
to rid the earth of pain and fear.
Everyone who calls his name
knows that he is always here.
Mt 24:36,24:42, Lk 12:42-48, Rev 19:11
Rev 21:4, Is 65:17-25
Ac 17:28, Mat 18:19
Jn 8:58, Heb 13:8, Mt 28:20
Bondage ends with Jesus’ death.
You have no past in Jesus’ name:
no basis for a destiny;
no cause for boasting or for shame.
Jn 19:33-34, 6:4-14, Is 53:5, Is 52:13 – 53:12,
Rev 1:5, Rom 6:23, Col 2:13-14, Heb 7:18-8:2
2Cor 5:17, Heb 10:11-18:8, Rom 3:21-31, 8:1-17
Rom 3:27-31, Is 53:3-12, 1 Peter 2:24, Rom 10:11
In Jesus’ name, we have the love
that overwhelms the Enemy —
the God who raised him from the dead,
who turns defeat to victory.
1Jn 3:16, 4:16
Col 2:15, Php 2:5-11, Ps 110:1 / Lk 20:42-43 / Heb 1:13
Mk 16:6, Col 2:11-12, Rom 6:4, 4:16-25, 6:4 Eph 2:6
1Cor 15:25-26, 54, 2Tim 1:10, Rom 6:9
He took his place at God’s right hand,
in heaven, on the throne of grace.
In Jesus’ name, you hear God’s voice,
you know his heart, you see his face.
Mat 22:44, Heb 1:3, Heb 1:1-12, Php 2:9
Mat 19:28, Rev 3:21
Eph 2:6, Jn 14:24,10:4
Eph 1:17-3:21, 1Cor 2:16, 13:1-13
By the power of his name,
sin gives way to holiness,
guilt and striving yield to grace,
and failure changes to success.
Php 2:9, Php 2:6-11, Rom 10:13, Rom 10:6-13
Gal 5:16, Jn 14:26
Rom 8:1, Rom 4:16
2 Corinthians 2:14, 3 John 1:2, Joshua 1:8, Ac 3:16
Those who lay their dreams to rest
in the name of Jesus Christ
rise to live above the world
of pleasure, work, and sacrifice.

1Pet 5:7, Heb 4:1, Mt 10:39
Is 55:8-13, Mat 7:8, Lk 11:10, Eph 1:7
1Ti 5:6 (pleasure), Rom 4:2 (work), Heb 10:5/Ps 40:6-8, Heb 10:11,
Mat 9:13, 12:7 / Hos 6:6, Is 61:2-3 (sacrifice)
As Jesus’ name reveals his love
you lose the urge to take offense.
Satisfied desire becomes
an everyday experience.
Jn 13:1, Isaiah 54:13, Matthew 23:10, Eph 3:16-19
Mt 11:6, 5:7, 5:43-48, 1 Cor 4:5
Ps 145:16, 104:28, 103:4-5, 91:14-16, 23:6
In him you eat the bread of life
and drink the cup of joy, so sweet,
while the Spirit of the Lord
crushes hell beneath your feet.
Jn 6:35-58, I Cor 12:13
Mt 26:27-28 / Mk 14:24, Ps 23:5, Pr 24:13-14
Ps 110:1 / Lk 20:43 / Heb 1:13, Rom 16:20
All the strongholds of the flesh,
from greed and lust to casting blame,
and all diseases, doubts, and fears
disintegrate in Jesus’ name.
2Cor 10:3-4
Gal 5:19-20
Mt 8:16, Mk 6:56 (disease), Mk 4:17, 23 (doubt removed), 1 John 4:18 (fears)
Mal 3:3-5
Those who honor Jesus’ name
find success they can not earn,
favor they do not deserve,
and wisdom they could never learn.
Ps 91:14, 2Chr 26:5, Ps 113:1-9, 96:1-3
Is 61:2 / Lk 4:19, 2Cor5:21-6:2
Galatians 1:12, Ps 16:7, 1Cor 2:6-16
Those who worship in his name
dwell in God’s Most Holy Place
and spend their lives discovering
new dimensions of his grace.
Jn 4:23-24, 14:6
Heb 10:19
Eph 2:7, Jn 14:26; 2Cor 3:17-18
In the presence of his name
your heart becomes as pure as his;
when nothing but his love remains,
you see our Father as he is.
1 Jn 3:2-3, 1Cor 6:11, Isaiah 48:10-11,
Deut 4:24, Heb 12:26-29, Is 33:14-17
Jn 14:9, Mt 5:8; 1 Jn 3:2-3
Jesus prayed that we be one,
as Son and Father are the same;
we get the answer to his prayer
by the power of his name.
Jn 17:20-24
Jn 17:22-23, Ephesians 4:3
Ps 138:2, Jn 14:14, 15:16, Rev 19:13

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Book III, written first, sums up Spirit of Fire in sixteen verses.

Spirit of Fire is based on insights that came while meditating on the truth behind the words of scripture. This makes it a useful portal for deep study of the Bible.

References are provided for looking more deeply into a truth or for looking at a similar truth from a different angle.

If the references don’t work (don’t show up blue), hit refresh (command/r).

I took the time to attach plenty of references to Book III. The other books could have just as many; maybe we’ll do a wiki someday.

Topics labeled “Word search: ____” have too many references to cite. Enter the word(s) at Biblia.com or Biblegateway.com.

Answers to the questions may be found in the corresponding verses.
(Questions in parentheses may not be answered directly but are worth pondering.)

verse a)
What decides my fate?
How can I tell whether or not I am in bondage?

Who or what is Jesus?
What is man’s authority (verse II-2a)?
(Why is it important that Jesus has man’s authority?)
“Christ” means ”anointed.” What was Jesus anointed with?
What was (is) Jesus’ mission?

Did Jesus finish his mission?
Did his work end with his departure?
Did he leave anything behind? If so, what?
(If not, what difference does it make to us whether he came or not?)
How does his Spirit come to us?
What kind of work does the Holy Spirit do?
What is the point of receiving his Spirit?

Does anyone know when Jesus is coming back?
What will he do when he comes back?
Is Jesus here now?
(What use is Jesus in the future to me now?)
Is it possible to have a personal “Second Coming of Christ” without the world seeing him?
(What difference will his return make to those who know him, who know his name?)

“Christ” (Greek “Khristos”) and Messiah (Hebrew “Mashiach”) both mean “Anointed.”
We are redeemed from the curse of the law Gal 3:13, Dt 28:16-6, to receive the blessing of Abraham Gen 12:2-3, Dt 28:1-14

How or where does bondage end?
What do we get free from?
What does Jesus’ death do to my past?
(How can a person without a past have a destiny?)
Do the dead in Christ have any agreements to carry out? Any debts to pay?
Without a past, what do I have to boast about? To be ashamed of?

What invariably overpowers Satan?
What raised Jesus from the dead?
What invariably turns defeat to victory?

What is Jesus’ position in the cosmic scheme?
Where does he live now?
What difference does it make to us where he lives?
Considering where he lives, what do those who abide in him hear?
Where do those who abide in him live?
How close are they to God’s heart?
What do they see?

Note: The ancients considered the person and his name to be identical.
What does it mean to pray in Jesus’ name?
What is the foundation for prayer?
What is the prerequisite for getting answers to prayer?
Is it possible to have all your prayers answered? Are there conditions?
If may prayers are not being answered, what two areas should I look at first?
Can I just pray anything that pops into my head and expect to have my prayers answered?

What happens when I drop my plans, schemes, and fantasies in favor of exercising the Word of God and his name?

What gets revealed in concerted contemplation of Jesus?
What happens when I lose interest in taking offense?
Is there a relationship between frustration and offense? What’s the price of being offended?

At lunchtime, why take communion instead of simply chowing down?

Why bother making the herculean effort to collect the scattered thoughts and wrap them up in the name of Jesus?

a) Why bother doing things in honor of Jesus’ name? Why praise his name?

b) What happens to people who spend their days engaging in worship (instead of the human drama)?
Where do they live? What do they discover?
(Is Jesus’ name like his presence? How is his presence like his name?)

c) What good is it to live in his presence?
“No man can see God and live.” What is the prerequisite for doing the impossible?

d) What is Jesus’ prayer for us (John 17)?
What level of unity is Jesus praying for?
(Was Jesus’ prayer at John 17 answered? If not, why is Jesus’ prayer the exception to the rule that “Everyone who asks, receives?” And if his prayer was answered, why might someone fail to see the manifestation?)
How do we get the answer to Jesus’ prayer? (What power causes it to come to pass?)